Fayetteville lawn mower and golf cart drivers face DWI charges

Rhodney Williams

Gordon Goswick

Courtesy, Washington County Sheriff

People have been talking for two days about a local man who was arrested Monday night after police found him driving drunk along Oakland Avenue on a lawn mower.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office website, Rhodney Williams, 50, of Fayetteville, is charged with driving while intoxicated, careless driving, improper safety equipment (no goggles? no seat belt?) and driving on a suspended license.

It’s the kind of thing you see on television and wonder whether it really happened.

Little Rock’s Arkansas Blog called it a DLMWI. The LM, of course, stands for lawn mower.

As if that weren’t odd enough, Fayetteville police appear to have clocked in their second alcohol-related, unconventional vehicle arrest in as many days following an early-morning DGCWI at the Links Apartments. GC stands for, you guessed it, golf cart.

Gordon Goswick, 41, of Fayetteville, was arrested for DWI around 3 a.m. Wednesday for, according to multiple reports, cruising along Olympic Club Avenue on a golf cart he’d earlier reported stolen.

Between these two incidents and last week’s fake bomb scare and extortion attempt, it’ll be a wonder if Fayetteville doesn’t make it onto TruTV sometime soon.