Downtown Properties takes over property management for The Dickson

The Dickson, formerly called Underwood Plaza, is under new (property) management.

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

One of the tallest buildings in Fayetteville has gone through a few changes recently.

Building owner Ted Belden bought out his original partners in the project back in November, changed the name from “Underwood Plaza” to “The Dickson,” and announced plans for a 16-room boutique hotel on the third floor. Last week, he announced the hiring of a new property management company.

Downtown Properties Real Estate Group, the new company made up of two-thirds of the trio behind Alexander Merry-Ship & Alt, will take over as real estate listing agency and property manager for the building.

“I am very pleased to announce our selection of Downtown Properties,” Belden said, “Especially given their vast experience and dedication to the downtown Fayetteville real estate market.”

Downtown Properties is owned by Sheree Alt and Rob Merry Ship, who have over 45 years of combined real estate experience in the downtown Fayetteville market. The company manages over 250 properties, including homes, apartments, high-end condos and commercial space.