Sideways/Ryleigh’s owners plan bar in former Flying Possum location

The old Flying Possum Leather space, located at 526 W. Dickson Street, will soon be home to a new bar.

Staff photo, Fayetteville Flyer

With the news that Bob Walker plans to re-open Flying Possum Leather on Block Avenue, the obvious question on the minds of many in Fayetteville became, “What’s gonna happen in the old space on Dickson?”

The answer? Sarah and Christopher Varga, owners of Fayetteville bars Ryleigh’s and Sideways plan to open a new bar in the space, located at 526 W. Dickson St.

Sarah confirmed the rumors this afternoon, though she said most of the details, including the name of the new watering hole, are yet to be determined.

“We’ve signed the lease, but that’s about as far as we’ve gotten,” she said. “We’re still working on the concept at this point, throwing around ideas, but it is definitely going to be a bar.”

Varga said that the space will require extensive renovations, but that she hopes that things will move quickly enough to open the new place this summer.

That’s all we know for now. We’ll keep you posted.

Shoutout to the Flyer commenter who mentioned this earlier.