Art Amiss 3 compilation now available on Bandcamp

Art Amiss 3 artwork

Back in December, we mentioned that Art Amiss music director Eric Jensen was working on archiving the previously-released Art Amiss local music compilations on the organization’s Bandcamp page.

Jensen today announced the second of the 14 compilations, titled simply Art Amiss 3, is now available to download.

The compilation, originally released on July 14, 2005, is a 15-track collection of instrumental songs by Arkansas musicians.

You can listen to the compilation for free, or download it for a $3 donation. The downloadable version includes images of Robin Atkinson’s original compilation artwork, the four-page liner note insert, and a review by then KXUA manager Paul Wardein.

Also available on the Art Amiss Bandcamp page is the first Art Amiss music compilation, originally released in January 2005.

CD copies of recent Art Amiss compilations 13 and 14, as well as vinyl copies of Art Amiss’ latest metal collection, “The Hills Have Amps,” are available at Sound Warehouse and the Fayetteville Hastings location.