More student apartment plans surface

A 60-unit apartment complex on Cleveland Street in Fayetteville may soon be replaced by a large-scale student housing project from the team behind Eco Modern Flats.

Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

Another large-scale student housing complex is planned in Fayetteville from the team responsible for Eco Modern Flats and two other upcoming downtown projects – 555 Maple and Eco Downtown.

Seth Mims and Jeremy Hudson of Specialized Real Estate Group submitted an application to the city on March 14 for a 2.71-acre planned zoning district which would include a 222-unit apartment complex just north of the University of Arkansas campus next to Leverett Elementary School.

The 2.71-acre planned zoning district area.

Original map by Google

If approved, the complex would replace Bayyari Properties’ Sunshine Place Apartments and several houses near the corner of West Cleveland Street and North Hall Avenue.

According to preliminary plans included in the application, Fayetteville architecture firm Modus Studio is on board and has designed yet another hidden parking deck for the Cleveland Street project. 555 Maple and Eco Downtown are also set to have an apartment-surrounded, multi-story deck.

Fayetteville planning staff said the Subdivision Committee could review details of the application as early as April 12 which would place it in front of the Planning Commission on April 23.

If no delays occur before then, the City Council could see the project by early- to mid-May.