Find Bigfoot, win a free house in Fayetteville

Frame 352 from the Patterson film

An anonymous member of a local online community seems to be serious about the following offer: Deliver me a Bigfoot, receive my house.

According to a recent message posted to the Fayetteville Freethinkers forum, anyone who can catch Bigfoot and bring him in will receive the title deed to an actual house located here in Fayetteville.

There’s even an attached affidavit signed on April 11 by local attorney Greg Klebanoff of Klebanoff Law Firm which outlines the legal details in an attempt to demonstrate the legitimacy of the offer.

Robert Lipford, managing director at the firm, verified the group’s involvement in their client’s offer Tuesday afternoon by telephone.

From the forum post:

Hello everyone. From time to time the Fayetteville Freethinkers have offered rewards for evidence of paranormal powers demonstrated under careful and proper observing conditions. It’s been reported that Arkansas is in 3rd place for having a lot of “Bigfoot” activity, so on behalf of one of our members, we are offering the reward of a house in Fayetteville to anyone who can catch Bigfoot and bring him in.

An update to the original post appeared Thursday afternoon offering a few more details about the house.

The home being offered as reward was built in the 1970’s, is currently occupied, rents for $550, has an enclosed garage and sits on .75 of an acre in the city of Fayetteville. It’s approximate realistic value (somewhat depressed in today’s market) is $80,000. Reasonable people will understand that giving the location or posting a picture would open its present occupant to potential harassment.

The bounty appears to be offered by the same person who left a comment on a local news story regarding a guide who was recently cited for leading a Bigfoot search in the Buffalo National River area without an expedition permit.

“First person to bring me a Bigfoot gets my house,” wrote fayfreethinker late last month.

A second comment from fayfreethinker offered this explanation:

About ten years ago when there was a string of reports (six) on the local TV news regarding sightings of Bigfoot (he was going around banging on people’s mobile homes and then running off, which is very rude), I drew up an oversize check and went on the 40/29 evening news and offered $50,000 to anyone who could bring this annoying fellow in. Then bear season ended and the news reports kind of fizzled. If we are going to get to the bottom of this, there is nothing wrong with offering a considerable incentive to people so they can bring one of these undocumented rapscallions in.

If you stumble across Bigfoot and are interested in trading him in for a house, you might consider calling the Klebanoff Law Firm at 479-442-7400.

Good luck and happy hunting.