Opening soon: Brick House Kitchen on the Fayetteville square

Window decals appeared over the weekend on East Square Plaza advertising the coming of BHK on the Square, a concept by Brick House Kitchen chef David Lewis.

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Fayetteville folks who’ve ventured up to the square recently might have noticed signs of a new restaurant coming to East Square Plaza.

By signs, we mean there are literally decal signs in the window of the old Bank of America building announcing a new Brick House Kitchen location.

Restaurant chef David Lewis confirmed plans to soon open BHK on the Square in the space formerly home to Hjem Restaurant in suite 160 of 1 E. Center Street. The plan, Lewis told us, is to recreate the BHK Kafe concept (currently inside Nightbird Books on Dickson Street) in the new location, and then expand from there.

“A big part of our business at the cafe is the coffee, pastry, and beverage service,” he said. “On the square, we’ll be able to do that, too, but (the new space) will allow us to pull to the forefront this light, full, healthy, flavorful deal that we’re doing, featuring local, agriculture products and seasonal ingredients.”

Lewis said he’s not sure what the new restaurant will ultimately mean for the Dickson Street location.

“For now, it’s an expansion,” he said. “We have a lease at the Dickson Street location which we will certainly honor, but we’re not sure after that.”

Lewis said he and his partners weren’t necessarily looking for a new location, but an open space on the square was just too good to pass up.

“It’s so pretty, and we love the relationship the space has with the Farmers’ Market and the square, and all the things that are happening there,” he said.

BHK got its start in a building at 1079 S. School St., but Lewis said that space has mostly been a production kitchen since the cafe opened, and will remain “in the family” to serve that purpose.

If all goes according to plan, the new location will be open by the end of May. It will initially open without a liquor license, but Lewis said he expects to have all that in place within a couple of months.

“It will move pretty quickly,” he said. “Really all we need is our tables, chairs, and coffee equipment setup, and we’ll be ready.”