Former mayor Dan Coody to host mayoral campaign kickoff event

Dan Coody


Mayor Lioneld Jordan has his first official competitor in the November 2012 mayoral election.

Former Mayor Dan Coody, who lost the 2008 runoff election to Jordan after eight years in office, will once again run for mayor of Fayetteville.

Coody has said on several occasions that he was considering another run at the mayor’s seat, but that his mind was not yet made up.

A public Facebook event created last week invited supporters to attend a campaign kickoff event this week at his property on the east side of Mount Sequoyah.

From the event listing:

We are making it official! Hope you can come and support the campaign. We want you to give us your input, listen to a short speech and have a good time.

When reached by phone Monday afternoon, Coody confirmed his plans to run and said a more formal announcement for the event would likely come on Tuesday.

A recent automated phone poll commissioned by a group of Coody’s supporters asked residents for their opinion of four possible candidates in the upcoming election: Jordan; Coody; Walt Eilers; and Steve Clark.

Eilers and Clark, who each ran in the 2008 election, said they have no plans to run for Fayetteville mayor this year.

Jordan launched his re-election bid on the downtown square in late March.

Filing for the November election beings July 27.