Fayetteville police to step up traffic enforcement at College Avenue and Joyce Boulevard

Fayetteville police will look for traffic violations at the intersection of College Avenue and Joyce Boulevard on Thursday, May 10.

Staff photo

Fayetteville police announced another series of directed traffic enforcements at select intersections around town. The idea is to bring awareness to drivers regarding traffic collisions and to try and reduce the number of accidents.

The enforcements will begin Thursday, May 10 at the intersection of College Avenue and Joyce Boulevard.

Police officers will utilize marked and unmarked vehicles during the directed enforcement and will be looking for the following violations:

  • Following too close
  • Improper use of center lane
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to signal turn or lane changes
  • Improper right turn
  • Disobeying traffic signals

Officials say these violations are the most common contributing factors to traffic accidents in Fayetteville.

In the past, enforcements have moved to other intersections throughout the summer including College Avenue and Township Street, and Mission Boulevard and Crossover Road.