Developers give 555 Maple project an official name: Sterling Frisco

A rendering of the upcoming Sterling Frisco complex shows what the site will look like from the southeast corner of West Avenue and Lafayette Street.

Courtesy image, Modus Studio

The upcoming 640-bedroom student housing complex under construction at West Avenue and Maple Street in downtown Fayetteville now has an official name: Sterling Frisco.

The development, referred to as 555 Maple in the planning stages, sits directly adjacent to Frisco Trail and the Frisco Railway, and is a partnership between Northwest Arkansas-based Specialized Real Estate Group and Sterling University Housing of Houston.

Sterling Frisco construction site

Map: Flyer staff, Imagery: Google Maps

Seth Mims, president of Specialized Real Estate Group, announced the name Wednesday afternoon during the Northwest Arkansas Regional Development Conference in Rogers.

Mims mentioned the prominence of the Frisco Railway in local history, as well as the importance of the Frisco Trail and the planned Razorback Regional Greenway, which are contiguous to the development site.

“The Frisco corridor has long been a vital connection for our community, a vibrant avenue for innovation,” said Mims. “This is the ideal site for this development, which will bridge campus and community with outstanding, sustainable design.”

The complex, aimed at university students, will consist mostly of four-bedroom suites. The developers will seek LEED green building certification for Sterling Frisco and plan to include a hidden parking structure, native plant landscaping, energy efficient appliances, and non-toxic paints and finishes.

Specialized Real Estate Group has once again tapped Fayetteville architecture firm Modus Studio to design the project. For those unfamiliar, this is the same team behind Eco Modern Flats, the first LEED-certified, multi-family development in the state.

If all goes according to plan, the complex will open in fall 2013.