Walton Arts Center outdoor art installations now complete

“Out of the Woodwork,” an art installation by Patrick Dougherty, is now complete, and on display on the Walton Arts Center’s main plaza.

All photos: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Two public art installations commissioned by the Walton Arts Center as part of the annual Artosphere festival are now complete, and ready to be enjoyed in Fayetteville.

Patrick Dougherty and volunteers celebrated the completion of his “stickwork” project at a special reception Monday night, where Dougherty also announced the official name of the installation, “Out of the Woodwork.”

Artist Massey Burke also put the finishing touches on her installation, entitled “Karst,” last week.

“Out of the Woodwork” is an over 20-foot-tall installation on the Walton Arts Center’s main plaza. The work was crafted from saplings harvested from wooded areas that are overgrown or generally too densely forested to survive, and was created by Dougherty with the help of several local volunteers over his recent 19-day residency in Fayetteville.

“Karst” is a site-specific installation near Nadine Baum Studios on West Avenue made from native clay soil, straw, sand, and other natural building materials. Burke’s work is named after the limestone bedrock found throughout Northwest Arkansas and the Ozarks. The piece, Burke says, is intended to “explore the continuum between wild ecosystems and human created ecosystems.”

Both works are expected to last for several years, and will remain on display indefinitely.

“Out of the Woodwork” by Patrick Dougherty

“Karst” by Massey Burke