Cash Mob Fayetteville plans event at Terra Tots Natural Parenting Saturday, June 23

Staff photo

Mobs have kind of gotten a bad rap in recent years.

Angry mobs who run people out of town, zombie mobs who want to eat people’s brains, mafia mobs who go around whacking people, and flash mobs with awkward dance routines have really ruined things for the good mobs who don’t want to kill anybody, or weird them out with their amateurish dancing/affinity for the Black Eyed Peas.

Cash Mob Fayetteville is working to change the perception of mobs, at least locally. The organization, which is basically just a bunch of nice people who want to help locally-owned businesses with a quick influx of cash, is planning an event for Saturday, June 23 at Terra Tots Natural Parenting.

The idea is to show up en masse (that’s the mob part), meet a few new people, spend $20, and provide a tangible extra boost for a locally-owned place to show them they’re appreciated.

For the event on Saturday, “mobbers” are asked to drop the store, located at 557 S School Ave., from 1-4 p.m. to participate.

A bit more information can be found on Facebook. Happy (cash) mobbing.