Local resident, late father capture Dickson Street a generation apart

The same block of Dickson Street photographed by local resident Lee Wyatt and his late father Gary 36 years apart.

Photo: Gary Wyatt, Lee Wyatt

Last week, a photo album created by long-time local resident Lee Wyatt went semi-viral on Facebook.

The album featured photos taken on Dickson Street by Lee’s late father Gary L. Wyatt in 1976, paired with photos taken by Lee in the same spots in 2012.

Lee said he wanted to recreate the album in memory of his father, who passed away in 2007. “He taught me everything I know,” he said.

Lee’s sister Katie found the original set of black and white photos while working with her mother to digitize some old family albums. According to Lee, they were taken in 1976 after Gary returned from an overseas tour in the service.

“I think he took them all in one day,” he said. “Dickson Street had changed a lot when he got back, and he couldn’t believe it.”

Lee gave us permission to post a few photos below, and the rest can be found in the original album on Facebook.

They provide a great snapshot of one of Fayetteville’s favorite streets, created by two members of the same family, a generation apart.

From Lee’s description on Facebook

A collection of black and white photos shot by my father in 1976, paired up with color replications shot by myself in 2012. In memory of my dad, Gary L Wyatt. These photos are available for everyone to view and share.