REVIEW: Bud Light Golden Wheat

Photo: J.T. Wampler

This week’s beer: Bud Light Golden Wheat from Anheuser-Busch.

This light beer, brewed with coriander and citrus peel, pours a hazy honey color with very little head.

There is almost no aroma that I could detect. The flavor is thin and watery with perhaps a hint of citrus. Or maybe I imagined the citrus. It’s hard to say.

The finish is clean with no aftertaste. Of course it would be strange to have an aftertaste when there was almost no taste to start.

Overall, this is a watery, uninteresting beer. Its only redeeming characteristic is its 4.1% alcohol content. It stands to reason that if you drank enough of it, you’d get a buzz, but I can’t imagine consuming enough to get there.

That said, this is by far the best Budweiser product I’ve ever tasted.

Rating: 1

J.T Wampler
J.T. is a contributor for the Fayetteville Flyer. He is also the owner and brewer at the Tanglewood Branch Beer Co., located at 1431 S. School Ave. in Fayetteville.
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