Fayetteville attorney’s kitchen invention featured on Today show

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas (right) describes The Taco Plate during a segment called, “What’s Hot in the Kitchen.”

Video still, courtesy NBC

“I was excited, but no one was more excited than my wife, Mom and Grandmom,” said Fayetteville attorney Hugh Jarratt, who recently enjoyed a few seconds of fame on national television.

There is, of course, something really cool about being on TV.

While Jarratt himself wasn’t actually on camera, his Taco Plate invention was featured on NBC’s Today show during a Thursday morning segment called, “What’s Hot in the Kitchen.”

Jarratt invented The Taco Plate several years ago in an effort to keep his tacos from falling over and spilling out everywhere. The plate, which holds three tacos in an upright position, includes room for a few sides and comes in several different colors.

Jarratt said NBC producers discovered The Taco Plate in a Solutions catalog and requested that it be featured on the show.

The Taco Plate

Courtesy photo

“Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this?!” asked style editor Bobbie Thomas during the segment.

Jarratt markets The Taco Plate through Jarratt Industries LLC, but that’s just a side project. He works as an attorney for Lindsey Management Co. in Fayetteville by day.

The plates are manufactured by Polytech Molding, Inc. in Prairie Grove, and are available locally at Red Hill Gallery and Homewares on Citizens Drive. They’re also sold through several online retailers including Jarratt’s own website.

We were excited to hear Jarratt’s story. It reminds us of the Fayetteville Flyer which was just a hobby before it got a lot of positive attention. Our side project eventually became a full-time job. Who knows, maybe the same could happen for Jarratt.

“I cannot express enough gratitude to everyone who has supported The Taco Plate over time,” he told us on Friday.

We know how you feel, man.