Coming here: Mike Watt & The Missingmen, Oct. 28 at George’s

Mike Watt and his tour van, “The Boat”

Courtesy photo

2012 is shaping up to be the year of the legendary bass player in Fayetteville.

Bass-slappin’ bad mammer-jammer Victor Wooten was just at George’s last weekend, and this week we learned that former Minutemen front man and bass player Mike Watt is coming to town for a show at the venue on Oct. 28.

Watt has been touring with the Stooges for a lot of the summer, but a recently announced tour with his band The Missingmen will bring him to Fayetteville this fall.

According to Watt, the idea behind the tour is to bring his third rock opera, the 2011 release Hyphenated-Man to more of the country “cuz there’s some towns I missed last time,” he said.

Ticket information has not been released yet, but we’ll add it hear as soon as we hear something.

Mike Watt performing “One Reporter’s Opinion”