New app lets Razorback Transit riders track bus locations in real time

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Any University of Arkansas student fortunate enough to stumble upon a genie in a bottle would likely use one of their three wishes on a magical power to let them know exactly when the Razorback Transit bus will arrive.

If not, it’d at least be in the top ten.

Fortunately, anyone with a smart phone or other mobile device that connects to the internet will no longer need to consider using up a valuable wish.

Users can see an estimated time of arrival or find out the location of a stop and when the bus is due to arrive.


Thanks to a new feature on the UARK Mobile app and the Campus Map on the U of A website, Razorback Transit riders can now track the location of any bus, in real time, using GPS technology.

The position of buses is updated every 10 seconds which means bus riders can avoid spending any extra time standing out in the hot sun, rain, cold, or snow while waiting for a bus.

“We added this feature to the maps because we thought it would be helpful for students and anyone else who regularly rides Razorback buses,” said Adam Waddell, logistics manager for Razorback Transit. “We really appreciate the work done by the university relations digital design and development office to make this possible.”

After pulling up the bus route on a smart phone screen the rider can touch the next stop on the route for an estimated time of arrival — or touch any stop along the route to find out the location of the stop and when the bus is due to arrive.

The bus app can also provide transit alerts when and if there is a change in the bus schedule.

The transit map feature can be downloaded at or found on the Campus Maps feature on the U of A website at