Locals plan new bar, The Stolen Glass, on Center Street in Fayetteville

Future home of The Stolen Glass, a new bar planned at Center Street and College Avenue, just off the downtown Fayetteville square.

Staff photo

Large windows overlooking the historic Washington County Courthouse, a big stage, and 3,500 square feet of recently-rennovated space for drinking, dancing, and socializing.

Locals Thea Morrill and Paul Baldwin found a lot to like about the space just off the downtown square 40 E. Center Street. The first-time bar owners recently signed a lease and are hoping to capitalize on some of its potential when they open The Stolen Glass in the coming weeks.

“We want to create something cool for Fayetteville,” Morrill said. “A place that’s fun, that a lot of different people can feel comfortable in.”

Morrill said the bar will host live bands and DJs on certain nights of the week, but will also show sporting events such as Monday Night Football and UFC fights on occasion. A “Brew & View” movie night is also in the works, she told us.

As far as the types of bands that will play at The Stolen Glass, Morrill said she doesn’t want to pin the bar down to one specific genre.

“We just want to provide another place for good bands to showcase their music,” she said.

Morrill said the space, most recently occupied by Whole Earth Organic Lounge, did not require extensive renovations. “We’re re-painting, trying to make it feel like more of a bar,” she said. “But we’re really not going to have to do a ton of work.”

If everything goes well, The Stolen Glass will open sometime in August.