‘Level Up’ video game band showcase planned for Aug. 10 at Smoke & Barrel


If video game music is your favorite thing in the world, and you’re over 21 years of age, there’s a possibility that the best show you’ve ever seen in your entire life is coming to Fayetteville.

Five bands that play their own unique versions of tunes from classic video games are planning to perform a show called “Level Up” on Friday, Aug. 10 at Smoke & Barrel Tavern. The show is being organized by local video game music heroes The OneUps.

The OneUps will share the stage with Those Who Fight (all-star line up of musicians from around the country who play music from the game Final Fantasy as a Rock Opera), brentalfloss (game music parody artist from New York), Lucio (a video game rapper from Fayetteville), and Descendants or Erdrick (nostalgic game music garage rockers from Austin).

“Every year for the last ten years, I’ve held a company barbecue for my label, OneUp Studios, and several of these bands will be coming down for that,” said Mustin, multi-instrumentailist for the OneUps. “I thought it would be fun to help offset the costs of all of these folks traveling to town if we could all do a bar show together.”

Admission to the show is $5 at the door, and the music should start shortly after 9 p.m.