City Council Recap: Aug. 7, 2012

Council chambers, Fayetteville City Hall

A meeting of the Fayetteville City Council was held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 7 in room 219 of City Hall, 113 W. Mountain St.

Below is a brief overview of action taken at the meeting including links to PDF documents for each item.

Roll Call

Present: Adella Gray, Brenda Boudreaux, Mark Kinion, Mayor Lioneld Jordan, Justin Tennant, Bobby Ferrell, Rhonda Adams, Sarah Lewis
Absent: Matthew Petty


There were 10 items on the Consent portion of the agenda including the approval of the July 17, 2012 City Council meeting minutes.

Consent items

Drake Field Pavement Rehab & Re-Marking Phase II ProjectA resolution approving a budget adjustment in the amount of $7,012 to reflect modifications to the Drake Field Pavement Rehab & Re-Marking Phase II Project necessitated by grant program changes.Pass 6-0
Pavement Maintenance Unlimited, LLC Change Order No. 2A resolution approving Change Order No. 2 to a contract with Pavement Maintenance Unlimited, LLC reducing the contract by $22,050 for the Pavement Rehab & Remarking Phase II Project at Drake Field, and approving a budget adjustment.Pass 6-0
Bid #12-51 Truck Centers of ArkansasA resolution awarding Bid #12-51 and authorizing the purchase of two Freightliner M2 trucks with Kann Versa Haul recycle bodies in the total amount of $314,366 from Truck Centers of Arkansas for use by the Solid Waste Division.Pass 6-0
Preferred Office Products, Inc.A resolution authorizing the purchase of five Canon copiers in a total amount of $63,723, pursuant to a state procurement contract, from Preferred Office Products, Inc.Pass 6-0
Federal and State Law Enforcement Forfeiture RevenueA resolution approving a budget adjustment in the amount of $28,558 representing federal and state law enforcement forfeiture revenue received during 2012 and establishing a corresponding expense budget.Pass 6-0
Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism’s Outdoor Recreation GrantA resolution authorizing an application for a 50/50 matching grant, through the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism’s Outdoor Recreation Grant Program, in the amount of $50,000 for improvements at Mount Sequoyah Gardens.Pass 6-0
Arkansas Recreational Trails ProgramA resolution expressing the willingness of the City of Fayetteville to utilize Federal-Aid Recreational Trails funds and authorizing application for a 20% local match grant through the Arkansas Recreational Trails Program in an amount up to $100,000 for construction of a section of Lake Fayetteville Trail.Pass 6-0
2012 Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Recycling GrantA resolution authorizing application for a 2012 Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Recycling Grant through the Boston Mountain Solid Waste District in the amount of $25,000 to fund apartment recycling containers.Pass 6-0
McClelland Consulting EngineersA resolution approving an engineering contract with McClelland Consulting Engineers in the amount of $131,328, plus a $20,000 project contingency, for design services for the State Highway 16 Water and Sewer Relocation Project at the West Fork of the White River.Pass 6-0

* Alderman Ferrell was absent for this vote.

Unfinished Business

There was one item on the Unfinished Business portion of the agenda.

Unfinished Business items

Amend §154.03 Private Parties/Zoning AmendmentAn ordinance to amend §154.03 Private Parties/Zoning Amendment to clarify the powers of the Planning Commission and City Council when a property owner seeks rezoning.Left on second reading

New Business

There were six items on the New Business portion of the agenda.

New Business items

United States Tennis AssociationA resolution authorizing acceptance of renovation services to tennis courts at Wilson Park by the United States Tennis Association as part of its Two Court Renovation Grant Program at no cost to the City of Fayetteville.Pass 5-3*
RZN 12-4135 (521 N. College Ave./Roddey)An ordinance rezoning that property described in rezoning petition RZN 12-4135, for approximately 0.34 acres, located at 521 North College Avenue from C-2, thoroughfare commercial to DG, Downtown General.Pass 7-0
VAC 12-4147 (510 W. 11th St. & 989 S. School Ave./The Grove)An ordinance approving VAC 12-4147 submitted by Morrison Shipley Engineers, Inc. for property located at 510 West 11th Street and 989 South School Avenue to vacate a portion of right-of-way, a total of 0.01 acres.Pass 7-0
ADM 12-4136 (2768 E. Shagbark Bend/Zweig)An ordinance amending a Residential Planned Zoning District entitled R-PZD 04-05.00, Hickory Park Subdivision, located north of 2730 East Township Street, containing approximately 4.4 acres, to reflect revised building setbacks for Lot 14.Pass 7-0
ADM 12-4174 (Complete Neighborhood Plan)A resolution to authorize City Staff to prepare a complete Neighborhood Plan for the Wedington Drive Corridor.Pass 7-0
Petition for Writ of Cert and Appeal to U.S. Supreme CourtA resolution to authorize the City Attorney to file a petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court and appeal the awarding of attorneys fees in the Rock Quarry Case.Fail 6-1**

* Kinion, Ferrell and Lewis voted no, saying despite gaining four junior-sized courts, the loss of one full-sized court was too much for a city with only eight public courts. Mayor Jordan cast the fifth vote needed to pass the item.

** Lewis voted yes.

Aug. 7, 2012 final agenda

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