1936 Club to close on Aug. 11, new restaurant coming soon

1936 Club, a restaurant located at 300 W. Dickson St., is set to close on Saturday, Aug. 11.

Photo: Dustin Bartholomew, Flyer staff

After 19 years in business, chef Peter Steinhart announced the closing of 1936 Club.

Steinhart, who owns the Dickson Street restaurant, said the final dinners will be served Saturday, Aug. 11.

“I would like to thank all of my friends for their support,” Steinhart wrote on his Facebook wall. “It has been a great run!”

He said Randy McGuffin, formerly of Blackboard Cafe in Bella Vista and Basil’s in Rogers, plans to re-open the restaurant under the name Aquafire.

Steinhart said he and McGuffin share similar cooking styles and philosophies and added that the new restaurant “will be a wonderful addition to Fayetteville.”

Saturday will also mark the closing of Steinhart’s Über Burger Bistro, located inside 1936 Club.

McGuffin hopes to have Aquafire up and running by Aug. 21.