Coming here: The Toadies and Helmet, Nov. 8 at George’s

The Toadies

Courtesy photo

Remember the Toadies? They had the song “Possum Kingdom” on that 1994 album Rubberneck that got crazy famous when you (OK, I) was in junior high.

Also, remember Helmet? They had a song on the soundtrack to The Crow (remember that movie?), which made me go out and buy their 1994 album, Betty.

Anyway, both bands have reunited in recent years, and are on a co-headlining tour this fall that will bring them to George’s Majestic Lounge on Nov. 8.

The Toadies, based in Fort Worth, Tex., are fresh off the July 31 release of their fifth album, Play.Rock.Music. We can’t remember if they’ve ever played in Fayetteville before, but lead singer Todd Lewis played at Powerhouse Seafood in the mid 2000s with his side project, The Burden Brothers.

Austin rockers Ume are also on the bill.

Tickets are on sale now for $20 at the venue, or you can get them online for $23.85.