Next cash mob event set for Aug. 18 at Sound Warehouse, Hugo’s

Sound Warehouse and Hugo’s, both located on Block Avenue in Fayetteville, will be “cash mobbed” Aug. 18.

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Grab a couple of Hamiltons ($10 bills), a Jackson (a $20 bill. Duh.), or a handful of Washingtons (20 of them) from the ATM this weekend. It’s time for another cash mob event.

Cash Mob Fayetteville is encouraging folks to do business with local record store Sound Warehouse, and Hugo’s restaurant from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18.

For those who aren’t familiar, Cash Mob Fayetteville has been “mobbing” a new local place (or in some cases, two at a time) about once a month since locals Sally Williams and Caitlyn Covey founded the group in February.

The concept for a cash mob is pretty simple. Organizers ask folks to show up, spend $20 at a local place, meet a few new people, and provide a tangible extra boost for a locally-owned place to show them they’re appreciated.

So far, Nightbird Books, The Hardware Store, Terra Tots, and Lauren Embree Jewelry are a few of the businesses that the group has visited.

Saturday’s event will include live music at Sound Warehouse by locals Derek Van Lynn and Ricky Erke of The Staggering Odds.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the “mob” to show their support. For more info, check out the Facebook page for the event.

Hooray for local places.