UA credits can now go toward NWACC degree, and vice versa

University of Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas Community College officials on Tuesday signed a collaborative agreement said to be intended to increase the number of college graduates in Arkansas.

The agreement allows eligible NWACC students who transfer to the University of Arkansas with at least 24 credit hours to earn an NWACC associate degree by completing at least 12 more hours of required courses at the UA. To be eligible, the student must have earned at least 60 hours total. The NWACC credit hours can also be used toward completing the student’s bachelor’s degree at the university.

Under the agreement, the University of Arkansas will send the transcript of each qualified student to NWACC after the student completes at least 60 hours.

“This is a great opportunity for students at both schools, and for the state as well,” said university Chancellor G. David Gearhart in a news release. “It is important for our students to have a transfer process that is seamless and productive.”

Northwest Arkansas Community College President Becky Paneitz said the initiative will give NWACC students the ability to have an important college milestone recognized as they continue studies toward a bachelor’s degree. “Ultimately, this agreement and the opportunities it makes possible will provide a valuable service to our students and our state,” she said.

To qualify for the reverse credit transfer, an NWACC student will have to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average; maintain or improve that average after transferring to the University of Arkansas; complete the state minimum core requirements; and be a degree-seeking student in good academic standing at the university.