Arkansas calls for a “Red Out” during Alabama game on Saturday

Arkansas fans high-five members of the Razorback football team before the Hogs’ game against Jacksonville State on Sept. 1.

Photo: Dustin Bartholomew

Arkansas fans, for better or worse, are kind of like Rocky. No matter how many times they get punched in the face, you can knock them down, you can even knock them out, but they always get back up.

The Hog’s game against Louisiana-Monroe last weekend served as a severe knock-down blow for many fans, but with Alabama coming to town Saturday, UA athletic director Jeff Long is calling for Hog fans to dust themselves off, and get ready to help give the Crimson Tide the battle of a lifetime this Saturday, Sept. 15.

“We will pull together,” wrote Long in a tweet sent Monday night.”Join us for RedOut to show support for players.”

To participate in the Red Out, all you have to do is something you were probably going to do anyway; wear red clothing to the Arkansas-Alabama game on Saturday.

The game kicks off at 2:30 p.m., and will be televised nationally by CBS.