Rogue Razorback: Mysterious graphic appears near Dickson Street

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Those who have visited Dickson Street over the past week or so may have noticed a graphic featuring a nearly six-foot-tall Russian boar that appeared near the intersection of West Avenue on the side of the Hog Haus Brewing Company building.

The owners of Hog Haus say they have no idea how it got there.

“I was working the Alan Jackson concert (Sept. 14) when somebody asked me about it,” said Julie Sill, one of the owners of the restaurant. “I swear, we don’t know who put it there. To be honest, we thought it was kind of cool, though.”

Since it was installed late last week, the hog-shaped sticker has been severely damaged and will likely have to be removed soon, but Sill said the rogue artist’s installation has been a bit inspiring.

Graphic at College Avenue and Lafayette Street

Staff photo

“It’s got me wondering if we can get some local artists to do some kind of mural on that wall,” she said. “We’re definitely open to that possibility.”

In possibly-related news, we noticed a similar-style piece which appeared on a traffic fixture at the corner of North College Avenue and Lafayette Street. The graphic, which features a statue wearing a mustache and a beret, includes a red speech bubble that reads, “Le Petite Canada.” It appears to be a companion piece to the “Maple Street, Fayetteville’s Little Canada” graphic that was placed at the corner of Maple and College Avenue a few years ago.

Sill said she believes whoever installed the red hog on the side of her building did so in broad daylight.

“I know it wasn’t there that morning, and we noticed it that night,” she said.

I guess what we’re saying is, be on the lookout for Fayetteville’s Banksy in case he (or she) strikes again.