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Aikido is The way of Harmonizing with Energy. It is a traditional Japanese martial art characterized by dynamic movement, powerful throws, strikes, joint and pinning techniques. Extremely effective as a means of self-defense, Aikido is a potent art descended from the samurai tradition. All ages men and women may benefit from the discipline of this training.

Northwest Arkansas’s chief instructor is Jason Moreland. He started training in Karate in 1991 and continued until 2001. Then started Aikido training under Richard Germany who was head of the Satellite Dojo in Springdale under Sensei James Jones. In Early 2003 Moreland Sensei took over as Dojo Cho. Being only 4th Kyu Moreland Sensei drove to Fort Smith and back, 4-5 Days a week for over a year while also continuing to teach in Springdale. In 2004 Moreland Sensei went to Chicago to be Kenshusei student under Sato Sensei, then Chief Instructor of the AAA. During this time Moreland Sensei met Ed Germanov Sensei and trained with him as a Kenshusei student. It was during this time Moreland Sensei was promoted to Shodan and officially became Dojo Cho. Moreland Sensei trained under Sato Sensei from 2001 until 2009. In í09 Moreland Sensei joined the BAA under Ed Germanov Sensei to follow his style of Aikido, which became his own style as a Kenshusei student. Moreland Sensei is Yondan Aikikai, recognized by Hombu dojo in Japan.

NWA Aikido Departmentís Diversion Programs for a unique 10-weeks program for qualifying teenagers.Your first 6 classes are FREE and every Monday at 6pm we hold a FREE course for women taught by a female instructor. You can find the dojo’s full schedule online at

On October 19-21, 2012, The NWA Aikido will host an Aikido seminar instructed by Edward P. Germanov Sensei-Godan-5th Degree Black Belt, Aikikai.

Sensei Germanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in May 1966. He has practiced the Martial Arts since 1980. In 1990 Germanov Sensei began training under the late, F. Toyoda Shihan and followed him around the world for the remainder of Toyoda Shihanís life. He followed Toyoda Shihan in Europe, The United States, and Japan. Germanov Sensei founded the Bulgarian Aikido Association in 1991 and continues to be the head instructor of this organization. After Toyoda Shihanís death, Germanov Sensei led seminars all around the globe: in Serbia, Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, UAE (Dubai and Oman), Cyprus, Tunisia, and the United States.

Since 2001 he has also trained in grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) under Gokor Chivichyan Sensei, and holds a level 5 ranking in Gokorís grappling system. Germanov Sensei also trained in Shodo (Zen Calligraphy) under Toyoda Shihan and Hiroshi Tajiri Sensei and Zen under Tenzan Gensho Rokoji / Toyoda Shihan/ and Hosokawa Roshi. As well Germanov Sensei has trained in Muso Shinden Iaido.

In 2009 Germanov Sensei started the TAI, Tendokan Aikido International and is the President of this organization. This is an independent Aikido organization, following the teaching methods, Kyu, and Dan grading systems created by Shihan Fumio Toyoda. The Purpose of Tendokan Aikido International is to further the art of Aikido worldwide by the late Fumio Toyoda Shihan.

All Styles and Affiliations are welcome to join. Please bring Bokken and Jo for use during the classes. For more information about the seminar and to register go to

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