‘Ambush Fayetteville’ art installation adds a splash of color to the winter landscape

A jogger passes by an art installation on Frisco Trail just south of Wilson Park on Wednesday.

Photo by Todd Gill, Flyer staff

You may notice that things are a little more colorful than normal around Fayetteville this winter, thanks to a new art installation by local photographer Michelle Marshall.

Marshall recently unveiled “Ambush: Color in the Gray,” a series of six large-format prints at several locations around Fayetteville. The prints are intended to add a splash of color to the local landscape at a time of year when things are at their most dreary.

Michelle Marshall

Screencapture, kickstarter.com

Marshall’s work, which frequently features close-up images of flowers and other bright, colorful subject matter, is all about details.

“My photography is about discovering how perception can be transformed by taking the time to really explore something,” she said. “It is about creating space in my mind to allow things to just unfold free of thought or judgement. It is about surprise, delight, life, color, and motion.”

The panels for her new installation, each about 60″ x 40″ in size, have been placed at various locations around Fayetteville. Marshall hopes that residents will discover the panels, photograph them, and post the photos to Twitter using the #ambushfayetteville hashtag and a reply to her @photoAmbush account. Residents may also post about the installation at ambushfayetteville.net. The plan is to give away one print each week to a random person who posted a photo online.

Marshall plans to move the images to new locations around town once a week.

The project was crowd-funded through Kickstarter where it raised just over $1,500 to help pay for the printing and mounting of the panels.

The installation began Feb. 3, and has since been discovered by several residents around town.

Have you noticed any yet?

Ambush: Color in the Gray