Traffic to shift during flyover bridge ramp construction

A crew works to construct a bridge pier as part of the College Avenue flyover project in north Fayetteville.

Photo by Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Traffic on College Avenue will shift to the right beginning Monday, June 24 to allow for construction of a retaining wall and flyover bridge ramp in north Fayetteville.

Left lane drivers will move to the right lane, while right lane drivers shift to a newly constructed temporary lane just north of Millsap Road.

Traffic shift area

Staff-modified graphic

City officials said typical construction signage notifying motorists of the lane shift will be installed as well as pavement striping and temporary concrete traffic barriers. During the installation of the striping and signage on Monday, flagmen will direct traffic through the work site. Temporary lane closures may be necessary while crews work to open the new lane on Monday.

The lane shift is expected to remain in place for about 60 days.

The work is part of the flyover project that will provide an alternative for northbound College Avenue drivers who normally make a U-turn at Joyce Boulevard to access the Fulbright Expressway.

Once complete, drivers may instead take a left lane bridge just north of Millsap Road that extends over southbound College Avenue traffic to head west on the Fulbright Expressway or exit onto Mall Avenue between Olive Garden and Logan’s Roadhouse.