Fauxnz to release new album July 12 at Smoke & Barrel



Some of the most intimidatingly perfect rock guitar work, spot-on bass, irreverent vocals, and technically delicious, scientific drum playing this town has ever seen is finally on wax.

And just like their live show, the new EP by Fayetteville rock band Fauxnz is a refreshing, rock-and-roll-thirst-quenching, three-dimensional roundhouse wallop to your ear’s butt.

The band will celebrate the release of their new six-song, self-titled EP on Friday, July 12 at Smoke & Barrel Tavern with locals Resin Hands and Future Day. Admission to the release show is $5 at the door, and vinyl copies of the new EP will be available.

The band will also play an all-ages release party on Sunday, July 14 with Hot Springs band Opportunist at Nightbird Books.

Only 300 copies of the EP were pressed on assorted colored vinyl, and the records are already available locally at Sound Warehouse and at Nightbird. The album is also available to download via Fauxnz’s Bandcamp page.

Fauxnz EP on colored vinyl

We got in touch with Fauxnz recently, and here’s what they had to say about the new record.

How does it feel to have this record finished up, and coming out for everyone to hear now?
Mostly we’re feeling fear, specifically that lightning’s going to strike the record pile before we can get them into people’s hands.

Tell us a bit about the process of making this record?

We recorded with Adam Putman / Insomniac Studios. He was very easy to work with and we were able to get a lot done in a short time. The music was tracked live. We went into the studio pretty well-rehearsed, coming off of a three-day weekend of shows.

It seems like a lot of Fayetteville bands finish a record, and then promptly stop playing together. You guys aren’t going to do that, are you?

Funny, the Free Weekly also asked that. Time to break the curse I think. We’ve got a lot more songs that haven’t been recorded, and we’re still writing all the time.

Who did the artwork for the album? It looks awesome.
Thanks! Sam did the collage on the front and the layout. Owen Buffington did the drawing for the insert.

Colored vinyl! Is this anyone’s first time hearing to hear their own music on vinyl?
Everyone except Brian – he contributed a song to the Art Amiss metal comp (The Hills Have Amps) that came out in 2011.

How do you guys feel about what you ended up with on this album? (We think it’s a pretty great representation of your sound).
High fives all around.