Broyles Award featured in EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14 video game

The most popular college football video game franchise now gives players the chance to win an in-game version of a prominent national award named for former Arkansas head coach and athletic director Frank Broyles.

The Broyles Award, given to the nation’s top assistant coach each year, is featured in EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14, officials announced this week.

Game producer Ben Haumiller said gamers can play as either an offensive or defensive coordinator in the game while working toward winning the award.

The award marks the second trophy included in the video game franchise with ties to the Razorbacks. Gamers can also play to win the Golden Boot, a trophy passed annually to the winner of the Arkansas-LSU game.

“It is always a great source of pride for me to have my name associated with an award which recognizes the tireless efforts of college football’s assistant coaches, who are basically the unsung heroes of any successful football program,” said Broyles. “And now with its addition to EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14, the Broyles Award will stand alongside other great college football traditions being passed on to future generations.”

The game was released Tuesday, and is available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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