New Google Street View images offer clearer views of Fayetteville

A fire truck was parked in front of the Walton Arts Center on the day Google Street View captured Fayetteville this summer

All images: Google Street View

We’re not sure when it happened, but Google recently updated its collection of Street View images for Fayetteville.

The new images appear to have been taken sometime between mid-May and early June, considering the George’s marquee lists a May 17 Cletus Got Shot reunion show, and the banner over Dickson Street is promoting the June 15 Arkansas Statehood Celebration and Ice Cream Social event.

Regardless, it looks like Google captured Fayetteville during a beautifully sunny week. And from the clarity of the images, it’s obvious there’s been a significant upgrade of the Street View camera equipment since the last time Google was in town.

Below are a handful of things we initially noticed about the new images. Anyone find anything else interesting?


A banner promoting the Arkansas Statehood Celebration hangs over Dickson Street.

This car was passing by the Flyer office on College Avenue.

This guy was running along the sidewalk on Dickson Street in front of the Walton Arts Center.

A large group of kids had stopped to take a break at the corner of Block Avenue and Dickson Street.

This image was clearly taken on a Tuesday or Thursday during the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market on the square.

A view of the historic Washington County Courthouse from Center Street.

The view from the cross at Mount Sequoyah.