West Fayetteville streets to close briefly for asphalt sealant work

A section of Ash Street east of Old Wire Road was one of nine streets to receive a micro seal treatment earlier this year.

Photo by Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Over two dozen street sections in west Fayetteville are expected to close for a few hours over the next four weeks while crews work to apply a microseal treatment to the road surface.

The work is part of a project to help save money by keeping the city from having to pave local streets so often.

Contracted work

City Council members approved a $195,050 contract with Donelson Construction Company, LLC of Clever, Missouri for the asphalt work earlier this year.

During the process, a liquid mixture treatment is applied to the surface of the street which binds the asphalt and fills cracks and worn areas of the pavement. The sealant restores the road to a uniform texture and seals the surface to prevent moisture and air intrusion.

Officials said the microseal treatment dries quicker than other methods and costs less than half of what it takes to grind away and replace the existing surface. The process can add up to 10 years of life to asphalt surfaces that normally last only about 15 years.

Once each street is treated, vehicles will be allowed back on the roadway in about two or three hours.

The following street sections are set to be treated over the next four weeks:

  • Albany Lane (La Salle Drive to Essex Drive)
  • Anne Street (Timbercrest Drive to Timberline Drive)
  • Buckeye Street (Harvard Street to Salem Road)
  • Cornell Street (Dartmouth Avenue to Salem Road)
  • Dartmouth Avenue (Yale Street to Cornell Street)
  • Essex Drive (Albany Lane to Salem Road)
  • Fairfax Street (Radcliffe Avenue to Salem Road)
  • Flint Avenue (Shale Street to Mica Street)
  • Granite Avenue (Mica Street to Shale Street)
  • Greenleaf Drive (Anne Street to Mulberry Street)
  • Harvard Street (Buckeye Street to Salem Road)
  • Mica Street (Granite Avenue to the cul-de-sac)
  • Mulberry Street (Greenleaf Drive to Timbercrest Avenue)
  • Oakfield Street (Timberline Drive to Timbercrest Avenue)
  • Princeton Street (Dartmouth Avenue to Salem Road)
  • Radcliffe Avenue (La Salle Drive to Fairfax Street)
  • Salem Road (Dead end to Wedington Drive)
  • Shale Street (Granite Avenue to Flint Avenue)
  • Timber Ridge Court (Timberline Drive to the cul-de-sac)
  • Timbercrest Avenue (Oakfield Street to Mulberry Street)
  • Timberline Drive (Oakfield Street to Salem Road)
  • Vassar Street (Salem Road to the cul-de-sac)
  • Weatherwood Court (Anne Street to the cul-de-sac)
  • Woodfield Way (Oakfield Street to Timberline Drive)
  • Yale Street (Salem Road to the cul-de-sac)

For more information on the project, contact the city’s Transportation Division at 479-575-8228. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.