PHOTOS & AUDIO: In case you missed the Water Liars show

Water Liars (from left) Justin (Pete) Kinkel-Schuster, Andrew Bryant and GR Robinson played at The Phoenix Thursday, Oct. 24.

Photos by Todd Gill

That bittersweet moment when you realize you’re one of only about a dozen people watching what should be a sold-out show.

You’re upset because the show was under promoted and the band is playing for almost no one, yet you’re psyched because you can hear a pin drop at precisely the moment when you’re supposed to be able to hear a pin drop in that quiet part of your favorite song.

Water Liars returns to Fayetteville next month for a Nov. 15 show at The Lightbulb Club. It won’t be nearly as intimate, but it’ll be great.

Like we said yesterday, see them while you can.

Our friend Aaron Weidner shared these recordings he made of Water Liars performing a few nights ago at The Record Bar in Kansas City.

And here are some photos we took at last night’s show in Fayetteville to look at while listening.