Fayetteville man asks ‘Why not make beard calendar,’ can’t think of reason

Images by Scott Hutcheson

There are plenty of calendars featuring puppies and kittens. There are several that include scenic views, or photos of hunky dudes and sexy babes.

Now, thanks to local photographer and graphic designer Scott Hutcheson, there will soon be a calendar that features Northwest Arkansas residents with wicked beards.

Hutcheson decided to create the calendar, basically, because he thought it would be awesome.

“I just thought, ‘There are plenty of swimsuit calendars and body builder calendars,'” he said. “Why not a calendar with some really big, burly beards?”

Hutcheson went to work enlisting models and creating concepts for monthly shots, and he’s already over half way finished with the photo shoots for the calendar, featuring bearded locals in all types of compromising interesting poses.

Local DJ Matthew Bailey from 3B Radio, Phillip Farris from Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, Jedediah Brandon of Friday Maybe Saturday, and Hutcheson himself, are a few of the participants who have already been photographed for the calendar.

“Each month, we’re going to have a theme,” he said. “September is national chicken month so we’ve got Phillip chawing down on a rotisserie chicken. Jed did New Year’s, so he’s popping a cork on a champagne bottle.”

The results, so far, are pretty impressive.

Unlike No-Shave November and Movember, two facial hair related concepts that raise awareness for men’s heath issues, Hutcheson’s project doesn’t really have a higher purpose. “I don’t have anything it’s supporting or anything like that,” he said. “It’s really just for fun. I just want you to get a laugh when you look at it.”

The next step, Hutcheson says, is to find a few more furry faces to finish his masterpiece.

“We’re trying to find a few more guys. I wanted to open it up to Northwest Arkansas, and give people an opportunity to say, ‘Hey, I have an amazing beard. I want to be in your beard calendar.'”

Any bearded individuals who are interested in participating in his project should contact Hutcheson via his website.

If everything goes well, the calendar will be finished in time to be sold for $10 in local stores and online by mid-December, Hutcheson said.