Here’s what the roads looked like Monday in Fayetteville

Traffic passes along South Razorback Road near Cato Springs Road Monday afternoon in Fayetteville.

Photos by Todd Gill, Flyer staff

After several days of plowing, salt treatments and consistent traffic, the main roads are looking much better in Fayetteville.

In fact, traffic along North College Avenue looks like that of an average weekday.

Many of the side and back roads are still packed with snow and ice, but relief could soon be on the way. Temperatures are expected to reach into the upper 30s on Wednesday, which should begin to loosen some of the wintry mixture on the streets in the hilly neighborhoods.

We posted a couple dozen photos of the road conditions on Sunday morning. Here’s a follow-up set we gathered when driving around Monday afternoon.

North College Avenue

Rolling Hills Drive

Old Missouri Road

Joyce Boulevard

North Crossover Road

Old Wire Road

Mission Boulevard

North Street

Lafayette Street

Archibald Yell Boulevard

Cato Springs Road

Razorback Road

Garland Avenue – University of Arkansas

Garland Avenue

Wedington Drive

Porter Road at I-540

I-540 at Exit 66

West Drake Street at Gregg Avenue

Gregg Avenue at North Street

North Street at College Avenue