VIDEO: Local musician Shawn James performs White Christmas in the snow

There are a lot of ways to spend a snowy December weekend in Fayetteville.

You could grab your sled and head to Wilson Park. You could buy a bunch of chili-making supplies, and watch all the Lord of The Rings movies. You could walk to Dickson Street and drink yourself to oblivion.

Or, if you’re local musician Shawn James, you could take advantage of the beautiful backdrop that snowy Fayetteville provides, and sing a classic Christmas song to create the perfect warm-and-fuzzy video for the holidays. That’s always an option, too.

That’s exactly what James and local photographer Anna Hutchison did last week.

I might add that James’ version of the song includes a very tasteful and appropriate whistle solo, which is pretty rare these days.

See the video above. Nice work, folks.