Let’s guess the lineup for the 2014 Fayetteville Roots Festival

The Wood Brothers


How are your Wheel of Fortune skills?

Unless you’ve at some point been selected to appear on the long-running game show, or if you really enjoy yelling “I’d like to solve the puzzle” during happy hour at the bar, those skills have likely been underutilized until now.

Thanks to the organizers of Fayetteville Roots Festival, however, today could be your time to shine.

Organizers have been rolling out clues to the festival lineup (due out Friday) one letter at a time on Facebook.

With the clues we have so far (see the graphic to the right), our guess for the first line would be Lucinda Williams, a frequent visitor to Fayetteville and daughter of well-known resident poet Miller Williams.

The second line is likely The Wood Brothers, and to add fuel to that fire, festival organizers posted a Wood Brothers video on Facebook this afternoon.

Here are some of the other artists we’re guessing will be on the lineup. Are we missing anything obvious?

Go ahead and spin the wheel.

Our guesses for the 2014 Fayetteville Roots Festival lineup

Lucinda Williams
The Wood Brothers
Darrell Scott and Tim O’Brien (we consider this one confirmed)
Jay Farrar
Anais Mitchell
Hurray for the Riff Raff
Willie Watson formerly of Old Crow Medicine Show
Ben Kweller
Tony Furtado
3 Penny Acre
Anthony da Costa
Water Liars
Benjamin Del Shreve
Raina Rose w/ Rebecca Loebe with Smokey & The Mirror
Cutty Rye