Artists Matt Murphy and Sam King to give artist talks

Work by artists Sam King and Matt Murphy hangs inside the sUgAR gallery, in the basement of East Square Plaza on the Fayetteville Square.


Two local artists will debut new work and give artist talks in Fayetteville this week.

Sam King, a painter and instructor at the University of Arkansas, along with mixed media artist Matt Murphy, will discuss their work at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 6 at sUgAR Gallery on the Fayetteville square.

Here’s more information about the show, and the artists’ work from the Facebook page for the event.

Sam King and Matt Murphy approach the problem of abstraction from different points of view, but also with many shared visions that move them beyond the formal. King challenges illusionistic preconceptions by building, scraping, and exposing the material of the paint itself, hinting at space, light, and narrative. Using color, accumulated mark, and literal shape, Murphy sets up space discomposed by its own elements.

Through improvisation and drastic revision, King steers his paintings into uneasy resolutions of perceptual, emotional, and interpersonal experience, where suggestion trumps declaration and awkward harmonies abound. King sometimes paints on found (or deliberately misshaped) panels that complicate budding pictorial relationships and nudge at the paintings’ objecthood.

Murphy’s exploration of ideas in abstraction has prompted a move toward the realm of object-making, allowing drawings, paintings, and wooden constructions to inform each other. Paintings happen alongside drawings, which happen alongside collages and constructions. Their development is non-linear. Murphy is interested in how different modes of presentation can be deployed to express similar ideas within abstraction. These ideas are about metaphor, geometry, fantastic narrative, and materiality. They draw from a variety of sources, from astronomy to El Greco.

The University of Arkansas’ sUgAR Gallery is located in the basement of East Square Plaza, at 1 East Center St. in downtown Fayetteville.

The gallery will open at 5 p.m., and the artist talks are set to begin at 7 p.m.