Is this the worst back-in parking job in the history of Block Avenue?

Photo: KNWA

It has been well documented in the comment section of the Flyer that there are some Fayetteville residents who really struggle with the back-in parking along Block Avenue.

In fact, the City Council is set to soon consider a proposal to redo the 28 back-in parking spaces between Dickson and Spring streets – installed in 2010 as part of the Block Avenue enhancement project – to a more conventional style of parking.

One option is to spend $42,000 to reconfigure some of the concrete islands to allow standard pull-in parking. It would require removing three of the 28 parking spaces.

The other option is to just paint new lines in the opposite direction, a project that would cost $28,000 and would remove eight of the 28 parking spaces.

Regardless, the driver in the above photo is either an extreme example of the inability to perform the back-in parking maneuver, or someone who really wanted to secure a spot in the shade.

According to a post on KNWA’s Facebook page, no injuries were reported, but the incident may have caused at least one other accident.