AD: Comedians NWA join forces with Nerdies to cultivate young writers and comedians in NWA

Troy Gittings


Local comedian and teacher Troy Gittings of Comedians NWA recently joined the amazing lineup at Nerdies to bring some unique offerings to the kids of Northwest Arkansas.

“‘I believe the children are the future,” Gittings sang. “‘Teach them well… And let them lead the way.’ Oh Great Whitney, why must you have died in that tune?”

“But seriously kids are some of the best comedians as they are not old and jaded like me,” he said. “They just spit the truth and I wanted to give our great kids a workshop and a forum to showcase their talents.”
Troy is putting his money where his mouth is this summer, and has decided to join forces with Nerdies, a local education company for kids, to hold a couple great summer sessions centered around comedy and creative writing.

“Growing up I wish I would have had the opportunity that we are pulling together through Nerdies,” Troy said. “I knew from a young age that I was destined for the stage. I wasn’t sure if that was comedy, acting or as a break dancer (breaks into an impressive snap and pop), I knew that was what I wanted to do. My parents are amazing people but the truth is they had no idea what to do with me. That is why when Brad Harvey approached me about mentoring at Nerdies I knew I had to get involved. Brad’s vision for kids’ education is infectious (Troy laughs). Ok that is hilarious. There are so many jokes there but I digress. Seriously Nerdies is doing revolutionary things and I am just happy to be a part of it”. 
For all the future performers in NWA, Troy and Nerdies are planning a stand-up comedy session for kids this summer starting the week of July 14th. It is a week long day camp that will culminate in the Nerdies/Comedians NWA Inaugural Kid Comedy Jam, to be held at Mermaids in Fayetteville on July 18th.

“Each kid will get a chance to have a five-minute set on a real stage in front of a great audience,” Gittings said. “Truth is, I was in my twenties before I got that chance and I can only image where I would be if I would have had that opportunity as a kid. Maybe I could be headlining at the Waffle House.” 

To see Troy’s sessions and all the other great sessions being held at Nerdies you can go to To find out about all the great things happening with the comedy scene check out their website.

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