Q&A: Central Arkansas native Adam Faucett wins over the Natural State

Adam Faucett

Photo: Jennifer Heimbaugh

Central Arkansas native Adam Faucett has been releasing music and touring relentlessly for over 10 years now. His four albums are rooted firmly in folk, blues, and country traditions, with plenty of grunge and soul seeping in around the edges.

Faucett grew up in Benton and Sparkman, and both towns are represented in song form on his new album Blind Water Finds Blind Water, which was released in March on Last Chance Records.

Photo: Lizzie Burnham

Between tours he’s called Little Rock’s Whitewater Tavern and Hot Springs’ Maxine’s home, and both venues have been incredibly supportive of his music and continue to shape the music scene in Arkansas.

Faucett is a truly talented songwriter whose voice cuts to the bone. It sounds at home covering both Otis Redding and Nirvana and his own songs carve out a wide swath in Southern Gothic Americana.

His blue collar songs about drinking and disappointment and his deceptively simple lyrics pack a punch. Faucett sings lines like, “Pretty girls like pretty guys” and “I know the way the world works: You get bored and then you get hurt” and they sound extremely profound when delivered by him.

Faucett has already played two well-attended shows this year at JR’s Lightbulb Club in Fayetteville, but this Sunday he’ll get to show off his authentic blues howl and soul songs to all of Block Avenue when he and his band the Tall Grass play the JR’s Lightbulb Club stage for the Block Street Block Party on Sunday, May 18 at 5 p.m.

You can read our review of his latest album here.

We recently asked him a few questions about his songwriting process and how his music is perceived and appreciated in and out of Arkansas.

Blind Water Finds Blind Water is a phenomenal album that feels very cohesive. Did you set certain songs that fit the theme of the album aside or was this more of a collection of songs you’ve written in the past few years?

I wrote about 20 songs for this record and picked 10. It took me about two years.

Adam Faucett performance

Event: Block Street Block Party
Date: Sunday, May 18
Time: 5 p.m
Where: Lightbulb Club Stage, Block Avenue

A little while back you posted a video of you playing a song you’d heard in a dream the night before. How often does something like that happen to you?

Surprisingly happens to me all the time. I have true sleeping problems and when I do sleep it’s thin sleep if I’m not inebriated. It’s almost more like a trance, not really sleeping. A lot of the melodies come to me that way.

Your songs feel very organic and the songwriting very open. Is there anything you wouldn’t consider writing about? Anything in your life that’s off-limits?

No, not really. I’ll just change names if need be.

You did a tour of the Netherlands last year. How did that come about? How would you say “Southern” music is perceived and received over there?

Strangely enough it’s received very well. They seem to have a deep love for Americana anything.

How would your describe the music scene in central Arkansas?

It has kept me fed the better part of the decade. It’s my home. These people are my friends and family.

You’ve played Roots Festival, Harvest Festival, and now you’re playing Block Street Block Party. After touring the U.S. solidly for the last 10 years is it nice to get more notice in your home state?

Your hometown is often the hardest thing to win over because people know you so well. It feels good. Feels, really good. I’m always excited to return.

Adam Faucett – “Livin’ on the Moon”

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