Witchsister crafts raw, catchy rock


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Witchsister are four Springdale, Arkansas sisters crafting raw, catchy rock.

The band began playing shows in January, shortly after releasing their self-titled EP. Their live sets and recordings sound like a band already sure of itself, which is incredible when you consider that all but singer Stephanie Petet are still in high school. Guitarist Skylar is 15, bassist Stevie is 16, and drummer Kelsey is 17.

Stephanie, 23, has a confident voice that often soars over the songs. She cites Led Zeppelin, Heart, and Fiona Apple as some of her influences.

Their EP includes five songs that pulse with a controlled ferocity and poppy rage. “Birthright” yowls and churns with some serious Runaways vibes before falling away into a classic rock-influenced guitar solo and drum breakdown. “Howlin” sounds like it has more current influences as the technical guitar lines and bass match each other under Stephanie’s vocals.
And while the lyrics are often simple, such as “I just like to drive” on “Drive,” it gives the band a chance to experiment with different vocal melodies throughout the song.

We asked singer Stephanie Petet some questions:

What was it like playing Block Street Block Party?
It was amazing. We really enjoyed the JR’s stage. Being able to see all the people down Block Street while we were performing was awesome. Also being able to see everyone’s faces was a nice change compared to playing night gigs.

It looks like you folks are playing out of town more often. Do you have any plans to tour?
We would love to. Probably next summer.

You recently had to cancel a show in Springfield, Missouri because your guitarist Skylar got into a skateboarding accident. Do any other members of the band skate?
All of them except me. Skylar was actually out skating with Kelsey when she got tore up. Kelsey longboards and Stevie rollerblades. I’ve broken bones before skating so I steer clear of it nowadays.

What are some of your influences as a band?
As a band, I would say we are influenced by rock and roll out of the 60’s and 70’s. But individually it varies to make the whole. Stevie (bass) is super-influenced by funk and R&B, Skylar (guitar) is more influenced by alternative/grunge/metal, and Kelsey (drums) honestly can do just about whatever.

The band played a searing set last weekend in Little Rock at Whitewater Tavern (video below).

Their next Fayetteville show is at JR’s Lightbulb Club on Thursday, July 8 with High Lonesome and Everyone is Dirty. Cover for the 18+ show is $5, and the music starts at about 10 p.m.

WitchSister were recently featured in Tom Tom Magazine, a publication dedicated to female drummers, and they’ll premiere two new singles via Vinyl Mag next month.

Witches or not, they proclaim to “just want to be good.” They are.

Witchsister @ White Water Tavern, Little Rock AR



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