Walmart eyes Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard property

A real estate sign shows a 6-acre tract along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is currently under contract in Fayetteville. Planning documents indicate the site could be home to a new Walmart development.

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A few months ago, we received tips that Walmart officials were eyeing property along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard for a new Neighborhood Market grocery store.

We didn’t find much evidence to support that claim outside of an “Under Contract” sign across from the old Brenda’s Bigger Burger restaurant. Until now.

Note: The original map included a parcel at MLK and Hill Avenue where a Farmer’s Insurance is located, but that hard corner is not included in the request.

Map: Todd Gill / Source: City of Fayetteville / Enlarge

According to planning documents recently submitted to the city, Walmart is listed as a developer requesting a rezoning of 6.16 acres along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between Hill and Government avenues.

The land is currently zoned as a mix of C-2, Thoroughfare Commercial and I-1 Heavy Commercial/Light Industrial. Walmart is seeking to rezone the entire property to C-2, Thoroughfare Commercial.

Several buildings are currently located on the land, including at least one business – Roberts Auto Repair at the corner of MLK and Government Avenue.

If the Neighborhood Market rumors are true, it would be the third of the retail giant’s grocery stores to open in Fayetteville. Walmart Markets are also located at 3475 Black Forest Drive and at 2690 E. Citizens Drive.

The store would also be located less than two miles from two Marvin’s IGA stores – one at 1620 S. School Ave. and another at 380 N. College Ave.

City planners are set to first discuss the rezoning at the Sept. 17 Tech Plat review meeting. Once that process is complete, the request would be forwarded to the Planning Commission and then to the City Council for final approval.

Walmart officials did not respond to our request for comment on the project.