Artist’s Laboratory Theatre’s ‘The New Now’ set to open Sept. 19

An innovative local company will debut a new “immersive theatre experience” in Fayetteville this week.

Artist’s Laboratory Theatre, the company behind the interactive downtown walking show Alley 38 from 2012 , will perform a re-imagined version of The New Now Sept. 19-21 and Oct. 2-5 at Tri Cycle Farms, 1705 N. Garland Ave.

The show, which debuted with its first iteration back in the spring, is described by Artist’s Laboratory Theatre as an ongoing performance series that “investigates the human condition in a modern world engrossed with social media and technology.”

Since the debut of the show, the ensemble players from the company have continued to explore the themes behind the project, resulting in the latest iteration of the show which looks at new subjects around the central theme. Among those subjects including explorations of “connections, conflict, romance, poverty, mourning, and rabbit holes.”

The New Now features a collage of “performance vignettes and encounters” staged throughout Tri Cycle Farms. The result is a unique two-hour show in which audiences can choose their own experience based on clues, moving through the performance based on their own free will and interest.

In other words, it’s like a Choose your own Adventure book, except it’s a theatrical show at a local urban farm.

And instead of being asked to silence their cell phones, audiences can register their numbers in advance for a personalized experience during the show.

Admission is $10 for students and $15 for the general public.

Will-call and parking for the show will be located across the street from the farm at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1021 W. Sycamore St.

Tickets and a bit more information are available at