Street paving, sidewalk plan approved in Fayetteville

Two vehicles pass along Markham Road near Cross Avenue where a sidewalk is planned to connect with an existing path on the south side of the street.

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Transportation crews are set to repave over 7 miles of streets and build nearly 10,000 feet of sidewalks this year.

City Council members this week approved a plan for 34 overlay and sidewalk projects, as recommended by the council’s Transportation Committee in November.

Some of the largest projects are on East Dickson Street, Markham Road, and Maple Street.

East Dickson Street is set to be repaved between College and Fletcher avenues, and to receive a new sidewalk, curb and gutter on the south side of East Dickson from Washington Avenue to Fletcher. A sidewalk on East Dickson was originally part of the 2013-14 plan, but was shifted to 2015 to coincide with the planned overlay work.

A closer look at where the existing sidewalk ends along the south side of Markham Road near Cross Avenue.

Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Work on Markham Road is scheduled to include new pavement between Razorback Road and Cross Avenue, and a new sidewalk on the south side of Markham between Cross and Palmer avenues. The new sidewalk will tie into existing paths on Markham from Cross to Pratt Place Inn, and recently completed sidewalks along Cross and Halsell Road.

Planned projects on Maple Street include both pavement and a new sidewalk between Leverett and Gregg avenues.

Some of the newer streets – ones that are showing wear, but haven’t developed cracks and potholes – will receive a microseal treatment instead of traditional repaving work.

During the miscroseal process, a liquid mixture treatment is applied to the surface of the street which binds the asphalt and fills cracks and worn areas of the pavement. The sealant restores the road to a uniform texture and seals the surface to prevent moisture and air intrusion.

Officials said the microseal treatment dries quicker than other methods and costs less than half of what it takes to grind away and replace the existing surface. The process can add up to 10 years of life to asphalt surfaces that normally last only about 15 years.

2015 Street Paving Project Locations and Lengths

Ward 1 From To Length
Camron Cir Cul-de-sac Kyle Dr 190 ft.
Cody Cir Cul-de-sac Kyle Dr 192 ft.
Coleman Ave Cato Springs Rd Dead End 994 ft.
Dickson St College Ave Fletcher Ave 2,220 ft.
Kyle Dr Cody Cir Clover Dr 550 ft.
Laverne Ave Cato Springs Rd Lorena Ln 1,157 ft.
Lorena Ln Cul-de-sac Laverne Ave 766 ft.
Ward 2 From To Length
Maple St Leverett Ave Gregg Ave 1,150 ft.
School Ave Dickson St Spring St 604 ft.
Spring St West Ave School Ave 400 ft.
Sutton St Washington Ave Walnut Ave 893 ft.
Walnut Ave Maple St Sutton St 900 ft.
Washington Ave Davidson St Dickson St 1,823 ft.
West Ave Dickson St Meadow St 971 ft.
Willow Ave Rebecca St Dickson St 2,358 ft.
Ward 3 From To Length
Harold St College Ave Loxley Ave 2,429 ft.
Pembroke Rd Shrewsbury Ln Rockwood Tr 1,417 ft.
Sheryl Ave* Harold St Oaks Manor Dr 2,586 ft.
Shrewsbury Ln Ridgeway Dr Pembroke Rd 1,217 ft.
Stubblefield Rd* Harold St Old Missouri Rd 2,890 ft.
Ward 4 From To Length
Boxley Ave* Dover St Cul-de-sac 2,299
Brook Dr Wedington Dr Dead End 944 ft.
Caddo Ave* Genoa Ave Prescott St 1,247 ft.
Desarc Way* Dover St Boxley Ave 687 ft.
Fieldstone Ave* Genoa Ave Wedington Dr 2,554 ft.
Genoa Ave* Dover St Prescott St 1,672 ft.
Markham Rd Cross Ave Razorback Rd 1,820 ft.
Ponca St* 51st St Boxley Ave 1,900 ft.
Prescott St* Genoa Ave Caddo Ave 296 ft.

* Microseal projects

2015 Sidewalk Improvement Project Locations and Lengths

Ward 1 From To Length
Dickson St Washington Ave Fletcher Ave 1,750 ft.
School Ave MLK Blvd 15th St 2,530 ft.
Ward 2 From To Length
Maple St Leverett Ave Gregg Ave 2,370 ft.
Ward 3 From To Length
Mission Blvd Viewpoint Dr Cambridge Dr 2,235 ft.
Ward 4 From To Length
Markham Rd Cross Ave Palmer Ave 1,032 ft.