Artist’s Laboratory Theatre To Debut New Sheet Fort Show April 3

Wanna cozy up with some friends in a sheet fort and watch one of the most innovative, interesting experimental theatrical shows ever performed in Fayetteville?

Then mark your calendar for April 3.

That’s the day that Artist’s Laboratory Theatre unveils the latest installment of their Sheet Fort series in a performance planned at 8 p.m. at Fayetteville Underground.

The new show, called I Can Has Sheet Fort is a remaining of the concept with an internet theme, featuring performances inspired by memes, blogs, social media interactions, and “internet speak.” The fun part is that all of it is performed, as the title suggests, in a giant sheet fort like you made when you were a kid.

Artist’s Laboratory Theatre has performed versions of the show since 2011 at various locations around town, from Matt Miller Studios, to an alleyway on Block Avenue as part of Block Street Block Party, and others.

Tickets to the show are $10 at the door, and can also be purchased in advance at