Spring 2015 A&P Commission funding requests total over $243,000

Local artist Jason Jones talks with A&P Commissioner Adella Gray about his proposal to paint three murals in downtown Fayetteville similar to his recently completed “Shop Local” mural on a building along Archibald Yell Boulevard.

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

The Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission won’t be able to please everyone next month when they distribute leftover tax dollars to those asking for help.

Organizers are seeking a total of $243,350 for 23 planned festivals, projects, and community events.

Spring A&P funding awards

 RequestedAwardedMore info
2014$232,414$80,900Full story
2013$261,861$161,950Full story
2012$294,345$159,200Full story
2011$157,385$61,800Full story
2010$284,869$149,292Full story

Source: Staff report

That’s over $163,000 more than the commission has to distribute up this spring.

The A&P distributes its leftover funds twice each year to organizers requesting financial assistance for events and projects planned in Fayetteville.

Kym Hughes, A&P executive director, said commissioners will have about $80,000 to divvy up using excess funds from the commission’s budget.

Commissioners met with event organizers to discuss their requests during a special meeting held Monday inside the Fayetteville Town Center. The group will meet next month to decide how to divide up the money.

Listed below are all the groups who are requesting funds for an event or project later this year. We’ve also uploaded a copy of the full packet of funding requests, which is available here.

Spring 2015 funding requests

  1. 7 Hills Homeless Center – Request: $3,500
    7 Hills Homeless Center would like $3,500 to pay the rental fee for the Fayetteville Town Center during the group’s “Chill with the Hills” fundraising event on Oct. 10.
  2. Artist’s Laboratory Theatre – Request: $10,650
    Artist’s Laboratory Theatre is asking for $10,650 to help fund marketing-related expenses for various live performances and radio shows from May 1 through Dec. 31.
  3. Artosphere – Request: $15,000
    The Walton Arts Center wants $15,000 to help pay for artist fees, travel expenses, marketing and production costs related to the annual Artosphere festival activities planned in Fayetteville from June 15-28.
  4. Banded Suffering – Request: $6,000
    Phat Tire Cycling Club requested $6,000 to help promote Banded Suffering, a series of bike races benefiting the NWA Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, on Oct. 17 in Fayetteville.
  5. Celebrate the Buffalo – Request: $10,000
    The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance would like $7,000 to hire an event planner, and $3,000 to help promote a fundraising dinner for several Buffalo River Coalition groups on Sept. 26 at the Fayetteville Town Center.
  6. Fayetteville Bulldog Classic – Request: $10,000
    Fayetteville Public Schools requested for $10,000 to help offset operating expenses for the Bulldog Classic Basketball Tournament, set for the first and second weekends in December at the FHS gymnasiums.
  7. Hero Half Marathon – Request: $20,000
    The Fayetteville Firefighters’ Association would like $20,000 to help with marketing, trophies, and race materials for the 2015 Hero Half Marathon and 1 mile run, set for Oct. 10 along the Fayetteville trail system.
  8. Hooten Football Classic – Request: $8,000
    Hooten Publishing, Inc. wants $8,000 to help promote the Hooten Football Classic high school football games set for Sept. 1 at Razorback Stadium.
  9. Jason Jones Mural – Request: $30,000
    Local artist Jason Jones would like $30,000 to paint three new murals in downtown Fayetteville, similar in theme to the Shop Local mural he recently completed on a building along Archibald Yell Blvd.
  10. Last Night Fayetteville – Request: $16,000
    Last Night Fayetteville is asking for $16,000 to help offset expenses for the annual New Year’s Eve celebration on the Fayetteville downtown square, which includes a fireworks finale.
  11. Last Saturday Variety Show – Request: $5,000
    The Northwest Arkansas Creative Arts Network wants $5,000 to help promote its monthly variety show at the Fayetteville Underground through November 2015.
  12. LifeSource International – Request: $11,000
    LifeSource International would like $11,000 for food catering and rental of the Fayetteville Town Center for the annual Hands of Compassion fundraising gala, set for April 28.
  13. Lights of the Ozarks – Request: $15,000
    Fayetteville Parks and Recreation requested $15,000 to help operate the 2015 Lights of the Ozarks display on the downtown square from Nov. 20 to Dec. 31. The money will go toward the purchase of new LED light strands for the festival.
  14. NWA Hispanic Heritage Festival – Request: $10,000
    The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce is asking for $10,000 for the 2015 NWA Hispanic Heritage Festival celebrating the culture and history of Hispanic Arkansans, set for Oct. 10-11 at Mae Farm, adjacent to Lake Fayetteville.
  15. NWA Techfest – Request: $6,500
    NWA Techfest would like $6,500 to rent the Donald W. Reynolds Center for the annual event, which benefits local food banks. This year’s NWA Techfest is set for Oct. 9 on the University of Arkansas campus.
  16. Oktoberfest 2015 – Request: $11,400
    The Dickson Street Merchants Association and The Arkansas Brewers Guild requested $11,400 for posters, printing, and merchandise for a festival highlighting local breweries and restaurants set for Oct. 18 on and around Dickson Street.
  17. Outback in the Ozarks – Request: $7,350
    Outback in the Ozarks is asking for $7,350 to help with marketing costs for a 200-mile and 65-mile team overnight relay run through five state parks ending in Fayetteville. The event, which benefits Youth Bridge and The Friends of Hobbs, is scheduled for Oct. 9-10.
  18. Offshoot Film Fest – Request: $13,100
    The Seedling Film Association would like $13,100 for marketing and guest travel expenses related to the 2015 Offshoot Film Fest, set for Sept. 10-12 at the University of Arkansas Global Campus on the Fayetteville downtown square.
  19. Square to Square – Request: $1,000
    Fayetteville Parks and Recreation wants $1,000 to help promote a new biannual bicycle ride event on the Razorback Greenway trail system to and from the Fayetteville and Bentonville downtown squares. The start and finish will alternate between the two cities twice each year with the finish line city hosting a festival.
  20. Banff Mountain Film Festival – Request: $3,350
    The Community requested $3,350 to help offset advertising and venue expenses related to the 2015 Banff Mountain Film Festival tour stop in Fayetteville on Sept. 17-18 at the UA Global Campus on the downtown square.
  21. The Little Craft Show – Request: $22,500
    The Little Craft Show would like $22,500 to help cover marketing and venue rental expenses for the 2015 event, set for Dec. 4-5 at the Fayetteville Town Center.
  22. TheatreSquared Gala for Education – Request: $5,000
    TheatreSquared asked for $5,000 to cover venue and equipment rental fees for its 2015 Gala for Education event, scheduled in November at the Fayetteville Town Center.
  23. Tri-State Volleyball Challenge – Request: $3,000
    Fayetteville Public Schools would like $3,000 to help with hospitality costs, game officiating, and administration expenses for the 2015 Tri-State Volleyball Challenge, set for Sept. 12 at the Fayetteville High School Bulldog Arena.