Hog Haus on Dickson Street closed for renovation project

Hog Haus / Staff photo

A restaurant at one of Fayetteville’s most prominent corners is getting an overhaul.

Hog Haus, located at the corner of Dickson Street and West Avenue, closed earlier this week for a major renovation project.

Owner Julie Sill said it’s been a long time coming.

A note on the door of the restaurant announces that changes are in the works

Staff photo

“We’re getting new paint, repairs, new windows, and doors, hardwood floors, a new kitchen, and a new HVAC unit,” she said. “It’s time to catch up with the times.”

Sill said the old building has been in serious need of repairs for a few years now, but health issues with her landlord prevented the maintenance from being completed. One of the front windows has been missing for more than a year and is covered in plywood, for example, and the West Avenue-facing side of the building is also visibly damaged.

In all, Sill said the renovation will cost more than $400,000.

Other changes are also underway for the restaurant. After an experiment with having their beer recipes brewed off-site by a third party brewery, the new Hog Haus will abandon the old beer menu and focus on increasing their selection of local beers from the region’s growing brewing community.

A new, smaller food menu is also in the works.

“We’ll try to do fewer items that we know we can produce perfectly,” she said.

Sill said she recently bought out her business partner, and will be the sole owner of the restaurant. She has also hired a new management staff, she said.

The renovation project is expected to take about two weeks, and Sill said she plans to re-open Hog Haus on Aug. 1.