Fayetteville police arrest suspect after Motel 6 standoff

Bryan Durbin / Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office

Police today announced the arrest of a man involved in an armed standoff Tuesday evening at Motel 6 on College Avenue in Fayetteville.

According to a preliminary police report, Bryan Durbin, 42, called the Fayetteville Police Department and told a dispatcher that he was suicidal and that he needed a police officer to get his girlfriend out of his hotel room because he “needed to die.”

When officers arrived, Durbin told police he was going to shoot his girlfriend if she didn’t leave the room. Police eventually convinced the woman to exit the room and began communicating with Durbin.

Durbin continued making suicidal threats and refused to leave his room. He later leaned out of the room and fired a single round at an officer who was on the west side of the building close to College Avenue.

“I observed a handgun in his left hand and it was pointed directly at me,” the officer stated in his report. “He then fired the weapon. I heard a loud bang and saw a muzzle flash.”

The officer ducked behind a wall and took cover behind a patrol car.

Traffic was closed on College Avenue and a standoff began that lasted nearly three hours before Durbin eventually surrendered. He was arrested without incident, according to the report.

He is charged with Attempted Capital Murder and Terroristic Threatening and was being held at the Washington County Detention Center with no bond Wednesday.

The police report shows Durbin’s address as 506 N. Grand Ave. in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, but the Washington County Sheriff’s Office lists his home as 1555 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., the same address as 7 Hills Homeless Center.